At Crawfish Aquatics, success is not only sought after-- it is a tradition.  Since the first athlete group of graduates in 1999, we have continually sent graduating swimmers to swim with various college programs.  We are pleased to share where our student-athletes venture off to each and every year.

If you are an alumni that would like to be involved in future alumni projects we would love to connect with you.

College Swimming and Scholarship Award Winners

Class of 1999
Jill Thomas-            University of Maryland    

Class of 2000
Victoria McDowell     Florida A&M University      
Robbie Moon-           Louisiana State University  

Class of 2001
Margaret Beadle      Louisiana State University  

Class of 2002
Lauren Nash-           Louisiana State University  
Renee Thomas-       Fordham University

Class of 2003
Kristin Moon            Louisiana State University

Class of 2004
Adam D’ Aquin         Centenary College  
Karl Boehringer         Stanford University  
Sarah Dicharry         Tulane University
Kyle McKee             Centenary College  
Phillip Morrison        Stanford University
Joe Veron               Louisiana State University   
Geoffrey Winkler     Delta State University

Class of 2005
Sarah Bedell            Louisiana State University
Nathan Clark            Southern Methodist University
Megan Fambrough   Springhill College    
Kate Patterson        Ouachita Baptist Univ.       

Class of 2006
Todd Burford          Louisiana State University
Leigh Ann King      Florida State University/ Louisiana State University
Ben Rayner           Delta State University
Sam Winkler         College of Charleston

Class of 2007
Trey Stewart        Virginia Tech

Class of 2008
Lexi Crovetto       Centenary College
Peter Henry         Centenary College

Class of 2009
Mathieu Assercq     Centre College
Brock Davis            Louisiana State University
David Rayner         Western Kentucky

Class of 2010
Austin Butler            Centenary College
John Michael Moore  Louisiana State University    

Class of 2011
Paul Stewart-         Delta State

Class of 2012
Braydon Bergeron    Louisiana State University
Hannah Core          Delta State

Class of 2013
Gage Alleman-      Cleveland State University
Cameron Balkom- University of Houston
Cameron Barney-  Centenary College
Gabby Core-           Delta State University
Anna Singletary-    Rhodes College
Silas Dejean-         Louisiana State University
Alyssa Dilldine-     United States Naval Academy

Class of 2014
Matthew Frederic-        William Jewell College
Mason Hutchinson-      Gardner Webb University
John Miller-                  University of Cincinnati
Mary Katherine Miller-   Case Western Reserve University
Victoria Padial-            University of Houston
Sarah Simar-               Lewis University

Class of 2015
Caroline Beene-       University of Alabama
Connor Futch-         Boston College  
Kirkland Mawae-     Wingate University
Paul Ahluwalia-      Centenary

Class of 2016
Jacob Bares-        University of Utah
Colin Bone-          Auburn University
Brandon Bouy-     Lewis University
Susana Frith-      Ouachita Baptist University
Amy Miller-         Texas A&M
Erin Trahan-        Southern Medthodist University

Class of 2017
Alec Adams- Henderson State University
Addie Brown-  Saint Louis University
Olivia Huffman-  University of Kentucky
Lindsey Lucas-  Henderson State University
Maddy Ogea- Loyola University (New Orleans)
Ashlyn Hunt-       Florida Atlantic

Class of 2018
Sion Cavana
Richard LaFleur
Jordyn Miller
Miles Jantzi
Anna Otterstetter