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CA Long Course Invitational

May 19-21, 2017

Important Facility Information   Please Review

The basketball court in the main gym and the adjacent restrooms will be available for Swim Meet Participants. ONLY the large court is permitted for use by anyone attending the meet. 
Gym will be open for seating at the following times. Friday: 4:30pm-7:15am and Sat/Sun: 7:00am-4:30pm. Please note that FWCC will be opening this area for us daily & the open time may vary.

Rules & Guidelines for the gym

  • Do not go past the lines of demarcation. We are only permitted to use the first court. 
  • Athletes or spectators that go into restricted areas will be asked to leave the competition and facility and not allowed to return.
  • Due to the number of spectators in the gym area, ball play is not allowed.
  • Please monitor young children in the facility at all times.

Accessing the Gym Area from the parking lot near the outdoor pool ramp

  • The doors between the indoor pool and gym are not operational.
  • Please exit building through the garage doors and enter the gym from the parking lot (next to outdoor pool) to access seating area and additional restrooms.  

Updated Meet Schedule (5/18)
Friday warm-up: 4:30PM meet: 5:15PM-  OPEN WARM UP
Saturday Open Events warm-up: 7:00AM for Crawfish and 7:30AM Visiting Teams;  Meet: 8:15AM
Saturday 12 & Under warm-up: 12:30PM (2 x 25 min warm up sessions);  Meet: 1:30PM
Sunday Open Events warm-up: 7:00AM for Crawfish and 7:30AM Visiting Teams;  Meet: 8:15AM​
Sunday 12 & Under warm-up: 12:00PM (2 x 25 min warm up sessions); Meet: 1:00PM

Meet Invitation      

Crawfish Swimmers
Volunteer Sign Up
Meet Entries
Shirt Colors:  Fri, Gray; Sat, Red; Sun, Black
Swim Caps: Black New Logo caps

USA Swimming Membership:  This meet requires USA Swimming registration. In order to be entered in this meet you must pre-pay the USA Swim Registration membership fee.  Your online sign up through TU will be the "authorization" for the $70 membership fee to be charged to your account on file.

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