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Registraion Opening February 1:  March-August 2019 Group, Private, Rising Stars & Novice programs

What We Offer

  • Session-based during the months of March to July: 
    -Class start times range from 8:30am - 6:30pm with 30 minute classes (private or crawbabies) or 40 minute classes (group).
    -Private lessons are 1 week sessions, Monday-Thursday.
    -Group lessons are 2 week sessions, Monday-Thursday.
  • Session-based or Monthly-based during the months of August to December:
    -Group Lessons are semester based (14 weeks) with class day options Monday-Saturday
    -Private Lessons & Crawbabies are monthly enrollment with class day options Monday-Saturday

What to Expect

The main emphasis of our lesson sessions will be centered on areas in most need of development, from water confidence and basic skills to advanced stroke technique and skill development.

  • Our program is “lovingly disciplined”, but we still have lots of fun while we are learning by incorporating songs, games, and stroke drills into each lesson.
  • We keep our group classes small: 4 students to 1 teacher for most classes and ten student-adult duos to one teacher for classes in which parents stay in the water with their babies. These small class sizes ensure that our teachers give each child individual attention, and allow adequate time to gain an understanding of each child’s skills, personality, and learning style.
  • The teacher will spend a few minutes communicating with you about your child’s progress at the end of each class. This is a perfect time to ask any questions and learn how to practice skills with your child outside of class or learn about other CA programs. 

Swim Diaper Policy
Children who are under the age of 3, even if they are potty-trained, or older children who are not fully potty trained must wear 1 reusable swim diaper. Disposable swim diapers are not allowed.  We are committed to providing our customers with the cleanest and safest facility possible. Thank you in advance for your understanding and support on this matter.

This class is designed to introduce babies to toddlers to the water through games, songs, and routines.  We aim to empower parents by teaching them the techniques to progress their child’s comfort in the water. Using verbal cues, songs, and positive feedback parents learn how to introduce their child to the basic swim skills. The classes encourage children to be comfortable underwater and floating on their backs, building on additional skills based on the student's age and ability for increased challenge. 

Class Details
-6 months-2 years old 
-Child & Adult together
-30 minute classes with a 15:1 ratio of student to teacher​
-Classes are held in our indoor heated pool.

Spring & Summer Sessions
-2 week sessions run April to July at this location

Fall Class Structure
-Monthly enrollment (automatically renews each month unless withdrawn- see terms)
-Classes run September to December (December is a partial month & prorated)

Class Details
-2 years old by first day of lessons (specific time slots available for 2 year olds in Group Lesson classes).
-40 minute classes with a 4:1 ratio of student to teacher
-Classes are organized by age and incoming skills level.  Choose the class time that works best for your family, indicate their skill level on your online registration form.

Spring & Summer Sessions
-2 week sessions run March to July at this location

Fall Class Structure
-Monthly enrollment (automatically renews each month unless withdrawn- see terms)
-Classes run September to December (December is a partial month & prorated)

Skills taught
-Water safety skills will take precedent for the beginner level groups and continue to be reinforced and expanded upon as swimmers progress through our level-based curriculum. 
-Brand new to more experienced swimmers can become stronger swimmers with our session based lessons.

The Rising Stars program is a pre-swim team program that serves as a transition between Group Swim Lessons and our Novice pre-competitive group. Rising Stars is designed for 3-7* year old swimmers that are on the cusp of being ready for Novice and have completed one or more sessions of swim lessons at Crawfish Aquatics. 

Class Details
-6 week Sessions: 12 classes, twice per week for 6 consecutive weeks.
-40 minute classes
-3-7 years old participant qualify with approval by the Program Director and Swim Lessons Instructor.
-Swimmers need to swim 12.5 yards free & kick on back without assistance.
-Available in 4-5 sessions throughout the year at this location between September to March

Skills taught
-Transition from Group Lessons to Novice pre-competitive
-Emphasis is placed on improving basic body position, kicking technique, freestyle and backstroke skills, and endurance.

Looking for some individual instruction?  Our private lessons are ideal for swimmers looking to fine tune a specific skill or who may be overwhelmed by a group lesson setting.   
*Semi-private are set up with you and 1-2 friends. Each participant should submit online registration forms, making note in the   Comments section to request semi-private lesson and names of other lesson registrants.

Spring & Summer Sessions
-1 week sessions run March to July at this location
-Each session is 4 x 30 minute classes, Monday-Thursday for 1 consecutive week

Fall Class Structure
-Monthly enrollment (automatically renews each month unless withdrawn- see terms)
-Classes run September to December (December is a partial month & prorated)

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 37 percent of American adults can’t swim the length of a pool, which puts them at risk of being one of the 10 people who drown every day in the United States.

Developing swimming skills can save your life both by preventing drowning and by providing you with the skills needed to make swimming for fitness part of a long-term healthy lifestyle.  

Crawfish Aquatics adult lessons program meets the variety of needs from our adult customers:  

  • work through "fear of the water" and build water comfort & safety skills
  • learn basic swimming skills and how to move in the water!
  • ​develop skills for fitness swimming
  • improve technical skills for increased training or competition
  • triathletes that want to work on the swim section of their races

The Details:
-$140 for each 2 week Session:  8 classes, 40 minutes each, Monday-Thursday for 2 consecutive weeks.
-Class times range from 8:30am- 6:30pm, starting every hour for 40 minutes.
-Ratio of 3-4 for beginner level swimmers and 4-5 swimmers per instructor for the more advanced swimmers.
-Session-based lessons are available in the months of April to July at this location.  Contact our office for private lesson options during other months.

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