Group Class Levels

Swimming Lessons aren't something you should think of as short term. This is a lifesaving skill. And mastering takes time!  Within each Class type, especially the Beginner Class, there will be a range of skills to achieve and milestones to work toward as they move from "beginners" to "advanced beginners" and eventually graduating to Intermediate!  

You register for a Class (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) and not a "level".  Naming the Class is simply a way to group students in a more organized way and not to label them as a swimmer. ​ The Levels are milestones our staff uses to track progress within the Class throughout the semester.

We believe that teaching to individuals' ability and not to a level results in the best results and allows for individuals to progress at the best pace for their individual skill and ability.  

Beginners Class

Level 1: 
Children ages 3 & Older with no experience required.
Swimmers will be introduced to breath control and submerging, learning how to blow bubbles through their nose and mouth underwater. They will develop comfort with their ears under water through assisted back floats as we work to build trust.  The fundamental swim skills taught in this level creates a base skill set to build on as they prepare to advance through the curriculum.

Level  2: 
Swimmers that can perform an assisted front float, back float & independent kicking in the water.
Swimmers will learn how to float and kick on their front and back,  glide and kick on their front in streamline position, and kick on their backs.  Floating independently is part of the building blocks for proper swimming.

Level 3: 
Swimmers that can move through the water comfortably on their own and back float independently.
Swimmers will learn independent rollover breath and swimming with arms- moving toward a freestyle stroke. Safety skills including  treading water and how to jump in, turn around and kick/swim back to side and then get out of pool on their own is a main focus at this level.

Intermediate Class

Level 4: 
Swimmers that can perform independent front-float, back-float, swim with independent rollover breath and kick on back independently.
Swimmer's independence in the water increases as they transition from safety swimming focus to learning fundamental skills for freestyle with side breathing and backstroke. This level will also advance water treading skills. 

Level 5: 
Swimmers ages 5 & older that can breathe to the side in freestyle and swim/kick on back while maintaining body position.
Swimmers begin to refine freestyle and backstroke and are introduced to the basics of breaststroke and butterfly kicking.  Breath control skills are expanded as students learn water somersaults.

Advanced Class

Level 6: 
Swimmers ages 5 & older with an increased freestyle/backstroke technique.
Swimmers are introduced to full-stroke breaststroke and butterfly while continuing freestyle & backstroke.  Swimming freestyle with rhythmic breathing (to both sides) is a key focus as developing stamina is introduced. 

Level 7: 
Swimmers ages 5 & older with a working knowledge of breaststroke and butterfly full stroke, swim several laps of rhythmic breathing freestyle and backstroke while maintaining good form.
Swimmers practice all 4 competitive strokes and breathing techniques and are introduced to underwater kicking and flip turn progressions.

Rising Stars

Swimmers that reach the Advanced Class level and/or can swim the length of the Swim School pool (15 yards) freestyle and back kick without assistance are ready for this group.
Swimmers are prepared for future swim team participation by increasing focus on stroke drills, turns, underwater kicking and increasing speed and stamina in the water. Progress at this level is still measured on developing skills and technique, rather than on speed in the water. 

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