Crawfish Swim School Withdrawal Form

Swim School Policies or log in to Parent Portal to view Registration Agreements

Private Lessons & Water Tykes (monthly enrollment) Classes:
To withdraw from your monthly swim class, submit this online form by the 15th of your swimmer's last month of lessons (processing fees apply after this date).

Group Lessons & Rising Stars:
Enrollment is semester-based, therefore there is no withdrawal prior to the end of season date. 

Withdrawal form for Crawfish Aquatics swim team (BR-Bluebonnet, Lafayette, Nicholls)

Student will remain enrolled through the upcoming month if withdrawing after the 15th of the current month.


I understand that my registration for the upcoming month of Private Lessons or Water Tykes will be cancelled when Crawfish Swim School receives this completed withdrawal form. Withdrawal forms must be received by the 15th of my child's final month of lessons to be removed for the upcoming month. I understand that I will be billed for the next billing cycle if this notice is not received by the 15th of my child's final month of lessons, as per the registration agreement.

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