Water Tykes

 For ages 6-28 month year olds with an adult assisting them in the water!

New Students will be introduced and develop basic skills
-Water orientation & entry
-Breath control
-Gentle underwater submersion 
-Floating & kicking skills on their front & back
-Parents will learn proper techniques to hold their baby in the water ​

As skills develop, tykes will be challenged in a fun environment
-Independent rolling from front to back and back to front
-Float on their own and move through the water independently from 3 to 10 ft
-Dip and move toward side of pool, coming up for air
-Parents will learn the verbiage and spotting techniques to facilitate their child's learning.

In preparation for graduating from Water Tykes and moving into the Swim School Group Classes more advanced skills will be taught with an emphasis on expanding breath control and independent swimming and floating.  Safety skills will be reinforced to prepare for independent swim class participation. 

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