BR Middle School League

Friday Meet Schedule:  Warm up is 3:45pm; Meet Begins 4:30pm
Saturday Meet Schedule:  Warm up is 11:30am (tentative warm up times- confirmed WEEKLY on the website)
2018 Championship Meet: Saturday, October 20 (Male session- 8:00am warm up and Female Session- 11:45am warm up)

Looking for your school? If your school is a member school, please contact your team rep:  List of School Contacts

Team enrollment for 2018 Fall Season is closed:  Schools must be confirmed by May for the upcoming school year.

Online Registration for the Middle Schools that have training groups at Crawfish Aquatics.  If you are on a middle school team in the league but are not signing up for the "Middle School Team Training groups" (ie, you are already enrolled in a CA or TAQ or other swim program), you do not need to complete this registration.   You should be signed up for your school team with the appropriate school representative first, before registering for a CA Middle School Swim Group.   List of School Contacts


Meet Information:

League Information, Participation Guidelines, Meet Format (updated 6/2018)-  PDF
2018 Championship Meet Information- PDF

Team Manager / Meet Entry & Results Help Documents:

Team Manager Lite Download Directions-  PDF
Creating Meets & Meet Entries (for MS)-   PDF
Inputting Swimmer Results after a meet-  PDF

Invoices for Meet Fees and Insurance Fee:

Insurance Fee-  PDF
Meet Fee-  PDF


All meets will be held at Crawfish Aquatics pools located just off Bluebonnet Blvd. and Interstate 10. Meets will be contested in the 8 lane, 25-yard indoor pool. The indoor pool has an 8-lane scoreboard and all meets will be timed and scored using electronic timing.


Meet Participants are ONLY permitted to park in the Crawfish Aquatics parking lot (off of Anselmo Lane), the Renaissance spillover parking lot or the former Advocate parking lot.  Meet participants are NOT permitted to park in the front lot off of Bluebonnet (Ketcham Fitness Center member parking only), along the roadway from Anselmo to the pool or in the grass/non-designated spaces.

Participation Guidelines & Meet Format details are posted under the Coach Resources section of the website.

Meet Format
Schools are divided into 3 cluster groups for their first 3 meets of the season. 

  • First Meet format:  Kick Off Meet (4 x 50’s of stroke, no relays or 100 yard events). Non-scored. 
  • Second, Third Meet format:  Standard Event Schedule (4 x 50s, 100 Free or IM, 200 Yard Relay). 
  • Swimmers will be ranked under the one single grade division for the first three meets
  • See Cluster Group assignments on the season schedule.

All schools participate in a full team Championship Meet.

  • This meet will host all teams, will be scored and offer all events.
  • There will be a male swimmer session, followed by a female swimmer session.
  • Individual events will be ranked/scored by two grade divisions: 5th/6th grade and 7th/8th grade.
  • There are awards for team champion, first through third and for individuals & relays, first through eighth. 

Continue your swim training with Crawfish Aquatics!
Join the Age Group division group and dive in to practices starting October 22, right after the Middle School Championships! (we will do evaluations for Jr /Sr division in November with moves into those groups after Thanksgiving). Or come out in the spring and/or summer to continue your skills development and prepare for the school season.  If you are in 8th grade and looking to swim for your high school team, staying in the water until the next school season will be key to a stronger start with your high school swim team.  

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