BR Lessons Procedures and FAQ

For children under 2 years, please visit the Crawfish Swim School.

Bluebonnet Location:  Parking is available off of Anselmo Lane behind the Renaissance Hotel.  Lessons will take place in the outdoor pool, however you will meet your instructor in the bleachers next to the outdoor pool each day. Instructors will walk students back to the bleachers after each class.  Location Information & Contact

Lessons Parent Portal:  Log in to Parent Portal
Once you register for Swim Lessons through the website you will have access to our parent portal where you can view your classes, view transactions, update payment information and send messages to our Lessons Admin (or email directly to

  • No Make up Classes:  We do not offer make up classes or a change in class time once you have started the lesson session. We have specific instructor to swimmer ratios in place to ensure all children are safe and receive the same amount of instruction.
  • Rain/Inclement Weather:  If it rains, all lessons classes will be moved to the indoor pool. 
  • Closed Pool Deck:  Parents are not allowed on the pool deck during lesson time. Your lessons instructor will connect with you each day to keep you updated on the lesson and progress. 
  • Safety:  Lessons Director & Supervisors are on the pool deck to monitor for safety and swimmer progress in the class.  Instructors are CPR certified.
  • Swim Diaper Policy:  Children who are not fully potty trained must wear a REUSABLE swim diapers (disposable swim diapers are not permitted).  These are available for purchase at the facility. We are committed to providing our customers with the cleanest and safest facility possible. Thank you in advance for your understanding and support on this matter. Order a Swim Diaper for pick up on Day 1 of Class or visit the Crawfish Swim School where they carry these in stock year round.

Session Tuition Payment:  Full payment for each lesson session will be charged following online registration (within 1-3 business days).

Session/Class Time changes: There is a $5 administrative fee for changes made to class registration.  Log in to the Crawfish Aquatics Swim Lessons Parent Portal to submit a request or email

 Cancelation Policy

  • 7 Days Prior to First Class:  Requests to change your registered session (change in time or moving sessions) must be requested 7 days prior to the first day of your scheduled session to transfer the full session payment to a new session.  Session Payment is transferrable or eligible as an account credit but refunds will not be issued.
  • Less than 7 Days Prior to First Class: $50 of each session payment is non-transferrable when request to cancel the session is made less than 7 days prior to the first class of the session (the session tuition, less $50, will be applied as an account credit for future classes but refunds will not be issued).

Parent Portal (Jack Rabbit)

  • Lessons Parent Portal:  Log in to Parent Portal
    Once you register for Swim Lessons through the website you will have access to our parent portal where you can view your classes, view transactions, update payment information and send messages to our Lessons Admin (or email directly to

Please arrive 20 minutes early to check in and meet your assigned instructor. Arrive early enough each day to use the restroom and apply sunscreen and be ready to start on time.  Due to limited changing areas, we encourage you to dress for lessons prior to arriving at the pool when possible.

What do I need for lessons?

  • Towel to bring on the pool deck. 
  • Goggles and swim caps are optional and will be for sale during your swim lesson session. 
  • Long hair should be pulled back into a pony tail to keep hair out of their eyes while they swim.  
  • Children under age 3 or older children not fully potty trained must wear 1 reusable swim diaper (disposable diapers are not allowed). Swim Diapers are available for purchase at the Bluebonnet facility as of April 2 and also the Crawfish Swim School on Siegen.  Order a Swim Diaper

Important Facility Notice:  Locker rooms may remain closed depending on capacity restrictions. Our female and male locker rooms are restricted to the same sex for anyone over the age of 3. There are portable restrooms available near the waiting area outside of the outdoor pool.  Due to the restricted changing areas, we encourage you to dress for lessons prior to arriving to the pool when possible

Assigned Instructor and Student Drop Off

  • ​Instructors will begin bringing students to the outdoor pool 5 minutes prior to the class start time. Please be in your assigned zone 5-10 minutes prior to your class start time. 

  • When possible, arrive dressed to swim as our indoor locker room is limited in capacity.  Portable restrooms are also available near the Instructor Meet Up Zones.

  • You will meet your instructor inside the white fenced area next to the indoor pool (lessons will be taught in the outdoor pool, with the exception of inclement weather days when we move inside).

  • Each instructor/class will be assigned to a "Zone" for daily meet up. Do not drop a child off to wait alone; wait with them for the instructor for each class.   You will receive your instructor's zone the first day at check in.  Zone Map Overview
  • Instructors will bring swimmers to the outdoor pool deck for class beginning 5 minutes prior to the class time. 
  • Some instructor assignments may change on the first day based on individual's skills within a group. In the event a change has been made the instructor will meet you after the class and share any additional information needed.

Pick up following lessons

  • Following the class, parents will be able to come on the outdoor pool deck to pick up their students and speak with the instructors.  The instructor will spend a short time with you to let you know what your child did in their lesson that day.  Daily follow-up with each parent is our priority.  
  • The lifeguard or deck supervisor will let you know when it is time to enter the outdoor pool deck.
  • When possible, arrive dressed to swim as our indoor locker room is limited in capacity.  Portable restrooms are also available near the Instructor Meet Up Zones.

The main emphasis of our lesson sessions will be centered on areas in most need of development, from water confidence and basic skills to advanced stroke technique and skill development. 

We review Water Safety Daily, reviewing the Crawfish Water Safety Pledge:
-I will never go swimming alone.
-If a friend falls in the pool, I will not go in after him. I will go get help or give him something to grab. I will get HELP!
-If I fall in the pool, I will turn & grab the wall or turn on to my back and call for HELP!

Our approach

  • Our program is “lovingly disciplined”, but we still have lots of fun while we are learning by incorporating songs, games, and stroke drills into each lesson. To learn to swim and to be safe around the water, mouths, noses, eyes must get wet and heads must go under the water- we work with your new or anxious swimmer to accomplish this and celebrate their accomplishments! 
  • ​We keep our group classes small: 3 students to 1 teacher for most classes. These small class sizes ensure that our teachers give each child individual attention, and allow adequate time to gain an understanding of each child’s skills, personality, and learning style.
  • The teacher will spend a few minutes communicating with you about your child’s progress at the end of each class. This is a perfect time to ask any questions and learn how to practice skills with your child outside of class or learn about other CA programs. 

Many children can be anxious on the first day of lessons, before coming to the pool or when they realize they will be separated from their parents. Please know we are prepared to lovingly encourage your child and help them get over their fears and to learn to love the water and swimming.

We know it can be hard to watch your little one crying or scared.  Our teachers and Deck Supervisors are all trained in handling these situations. Talking with the child, playing games, singing songs, and playing with toys can all be used to help ease the child into the class. If you need assistance with your child, please let our staff know so we can work with them. We want all children to feel comfortable and happy swimming!

Don't be upset with your child if they are nervous. Speak positive and encouraging words to them and praise them for their efforts. The quicker we can get them outside, the quicker they will calm down. Many go from tears to joy in the same day!  

Often times a child will direct their attention to a parent in sight instead of to the instructor.  Our goal is for the swimmers to focus all their attention on the instructor during their lesson time.

The last day of class is graduation day-  parents can come on deck to watch the end portion of the last day of class. We will get the students going with the class and then signal to parents that it is time to come on the deck and watch, take pictures and cheer on your swimmer!

Parents are encouraged to allow their child the learning opportunities that come with group lessons: self-regulation to pay attention to the task at hand, successes and failures, and adapting to the learning environment. Allowing your child to receive direction from the instructor alone during the practice session will help build independence and confidence in your young swimmer!