Safe Sport

"The key aspect to the success of the Safe Sport program is for every member to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity that might be a violation of our Code of Conduct. We simply cannot assume that those being abused will voluntarily come forward, even if given the opportunity to do so in a confidential manner. "
Tim Hinchey III, USA Swimming President and CEO

Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy
Waterloo Swimming follows USA Swimming’s MAAPP. Click here for more details on the Policy.

REQUIRED 'Athlete Protection Training' for Adult (18 and Older) Athletes
Adult athletes must take THREE Courses: Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education, Mandatory Reporting and Emotional and Physical Misconduct. Upon completion of each course, the athlete will receive a completion certificate. After receiving the certificate, the athlete must complete the survey in order to fully complete the course.

On-Line Safe Sport Education
Members are encouraged to become familiar with Safe Sport and Safe Sport policies and procedures.
Online Courses for Parents
Online Courses for Athletes

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