USA Swimming Membership

USA Swimming Membership is required for athlete insurance and to participate in USA Swimming sanctioned meets. 
All meets that are USA Swimming sanctioned are designated on our meet information page. If an athlete registers for a meet and does not yet have this membership, you will be responsible for registering with USA Swimming and purchasing membership within 1 week prior to the first day of the meet.  

Swim Meets Requiring USA Swimming Membership

  • How do I know if it is a USA Swimming sanctioned meet? These are designated on the specific meet info page for each meet.  
  • Next Gen Meets (developmental meets) are NOT sanctioned meets: "CA Next Gen Meets" do not require USA Swimming membership. We hold at least 8 of these meets at the Baton Rouge location and 3+ at the Lafayette location (swimmers only attend meets at their location) during the year and they are open to swimmers in Novice, 8 & U, Age Group divisions and MS/HS Training groups. 

Which Registration Type does my swimmer need?

  • 2023 USA Swimming Membership is $88.  USA Swimming membership is an annual fee and includes meet insurance, Splash monthly magazine and a USA Swimming Deck Pass accoun (unlimited number of USA Swimming meets during the year). 
    • Who? This membership level is required for all Junior & Senior division groups and/or ANY swimmer ages 13 & Older that register for a USA Swimming sanctioned meet, regardless of practice group.
    • When? Registration submitted after Sept 1 will always be valid through Dec 31 of the following year.  Members must renew membership for the upcoming calendar year by November 1 each year. 
  • 2023 USA Swimming Flex Membership (for Ages 12 & Under only) is $30.  This level of membership is only for swimmers ages 12 & Under and allows swimmers to participate in 2 USA Swimming sanctioned swim meets for year. 
    • Who? Swimmers (ages 12 & U) in the Novice, 8 & U and Age Group divisions that are signed up for a USA Swimming sanctioned swim meet can start with this level and then upgrade if/when they swim in a 3rd USA Swimming sanctioned meet during that year.  Meets that require USA Swimming membership are designated on meet info pages.  Next Gen meets do not require this membership.
      Swimmers in Novice, 8 & U, Age Group 1 will only be offered 1-2 sanctioned meets each year. Age Group 2 & 3 will have 6+ sanctioned meet options per year so if you start with Flex, you are likely to need to return and upgrade later in the year. 
    • When?  Registration submitted after Sept 1 will always be valid through Dec 31 of the following year or until swimmer has participated in 2 sanctioned swim meets. After that, the swimmer will need to return to the USA Swimming site through our team registration link and upgrade to a full membership in order to participate in additional sanctioned meets during that year ($58 fee to upgrade will be paid through the USA Swimming website).  You do not need to purchase. 
  • LA Swimmer Transfer Fee:  To transfer from another USA Swimming club to Crawfish Aquatics, there is a $44 transfer fee. You will be prompted to complete the transfer on the USA Swimming webpage and LA Swimming will invoice Crawfish Aquatics directly. This transfer fee will be on the following 1st of the month invoice.