Adult Fitness Swim

Our Adult Fitness Swim program offers swim training options for the novice and the most experienced adult swimmer to develop and enhance their ability for fitness, triathlon training or competition. 

Interested in trying us out?  Attend any two complimentary workouts on the practice schedule with no pre-registration required.

Monthly Dues Rate: 
$55 per month for membership. Members may swim at any practice times listed on the masters practice schedule. There is no "open swim" membership- no person can swim in the pool outside of the scheduled times. 

Annual Membership Fee:  
$15 will be automatically charged to accounts upon initial enrollment and then annually on January 1 each year. Members joining for the first time after September will be assessed a prorated membership fee of $10 upon registration for the remainder of that calendar year.

-ACH debit or credit card payment set up required. 
-Debits post on the 1st of each month (if the first falls on a weekend, it will be the following business day).  
-Accounts may be put on hold or terminated at any time however to avoid processing fees please give proper notification during the designated time period.

Withdrawal from program: 
-To withdraw from the program, the online Withdrawal Form must be completed by the 25th of the month prior to be withdrawn from the billing system.
-Requests to withdraw after the monthly billing has been run will be honored, less a $15 processing fee. 

Optional USMS Annual Membership
-For masters swimmers interested in the competition track, the option to join United States Masters Swimming association is available.
-Swimmers register directly with USMS online (this is required to enter USMS sanctioned swim meets).   
-Membership fee is $50 a year (as of June 2016). 
-Register with USMS here:
*For the online registration form:  the Club is Southern Masters and the Workout group is Crawfish Aquatics

*Note- Workouts at the BR and Lafayette location are "coached-practices", meaning there is a coach on deck to facilitate a workout. Nicholls location offers "coached-practices" and "open-swim" style workouts.

Structured / Coached Practices (Baton Rouge & Lafayette locations)

I can’t swim all the strokes, not a very fast swimmer and I am not sure I can finish the workout. How good do I have to be?
Crawfish Aquatics welcomes swimmers of all abilities from nationally ranked to novice. Our coaching staff will work with you to help your endurance and technique of strokes. You don’t have to know all four strokes. Workouts are adjusted to take into account your ability level.

What if I’m too slow for the others in a lane?
The coach on deck helps organize the lanes to where you are swimming with others comparable to your ability in swimming.

What is the membership population of Crawfish Aquatics like?
It ranges in age from 20 to 70+ year olds. Some swim for fitness and others to compete as master’s swimmers and/or triathletes.

What are the workouts like?
Each workout last up to 1.25 hours (Don’t worry if you can’t stay the whole time or initially can’t finish the workout). The coach gives the sets, which vary by distance per lane. The more advanced lanes generally swim up to 4,500 yards and it ranges down to about 2,500 yards. We work on drills to improve your strokes and give individual stroke instruction during the practice. The workouts are fun and social but at same time challenging.

Each practice will focus on a variety of aspects of competitive swimming. The primary objective will be to improve each swimmer stroke efficiency while increasing their speed and aerobic capacity. Swimmers stroke efficiency will improve through stroke analysis, technique corrections and mastering of stroke corrective drills. Endurance training will increase swimmers aerobic capacity. Speed will improve as swimmers become more efficient in the water and their endurance increases.

Can I try it out before I sign up?
Sure, the first two practices are complimentary; just come to practice and meet the coach on deck. All you need is a suit, goggles, towel and caps are optional. We do use other equipment but the coach will recommend what you need when you join.

Do I have to compete?
No, but we do offer the opportunity to compete by hosting events like time trial meets, traveling to away meets and open water swims. We inform the team of competitive meets for swimmers interested in competing. Some Masters choose not to compete, but join to enjoy the benefits of coached workouts, exercise of swimming and to meet other active adults.

Can I swim outside of the scheduled practice time?
We do not have "open pool" memberships, therefore you are only permitted to swim during the scheduled practices. Some locations have regular "open swim" timeslots (designated schedule when the pool is open to swim with a staff or guard on deck, but there isn't a structured workout provided).

Register Online  You will register and pay your Masters dues via our registration website, Team Unify. 

Practice Schedule
Crawfish members are only permitted to swim during the scheduled practice times below (open swim when available).
Prospective members are encouraged to come out and 2 complimentary workouts.  
Training is offered at the Bluebonnet location.

Please note: 
-No person can swim at times outside of the established schedules. 

Monday-Friday:  5:30 - 6:45AM, Coach-run practice
Saturday morning : 5:30-6:45am, Coach-run practice 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:  11:00AM - 12:15PM, Coach-run practice

Independent (not coach-run)
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday- 7:00-8:15PM

Note about CHANGING Evening Practice Schedule:
Times for the evening practice will change throughout the year, depending on the swim season and other group practice schedules.  Below is a typical rotation of times. Membership will be updated when the practice time changes. 
-September through November, 730-845pm
-December through March, 7:00-8:15pm
-April through May, 7:15-8:30pm
-June-July, 6:45-8:00pm

Register Online  You will register and pay your Masters dues via our registration website, Team Unify. 

Equipment recommended:  Kickboard, Buoy, TYR Cross-blade Fins

Practice Schedule
Crawfish members are only permitted to swim during the scheduled practice times below. 
Prospective members are encouraged to come out and 1 complimentary workouts.  

Monday, Wednesday & Friday:  5:30-7:00AM 

Tuesdays & Thursdays:  6:00-7:00PM